About us

About us

Amanda Milius

Amanda directed and produced the most watched documentary of 2020, and one of the top political documentaries of all time, The Plot Against The President. She worked in the Trump administration at both the White House and State Department, as Deputy Assistant Secretary for Content.

Prior to working in politics, Amanda worked extensively in and around the film industry in Los Angeles. Her parents are both industry veterans, her father is one of the most highly regarded writer / directors in Hollywood, John Milius (Apocalypse Now, Dirty Harry, Red Dawn, Conan The Barbarian), and her mother is actress Celia Kaye.

She holds a masters degree in production from the University of Southern of California School of Cinematic Arts.

Daniel Bostic

Daniel hails from Charleston, SC and is a former actor and accomplished model with more than a decade of experience in the entertainment industry. He was Associate Producer and Assistant Director on The Plot Against the President.

Additionally, he previously worked as a Congressional staffer and founded a successful consulting firm in Charleston. He holds a theology degree from Appalachian Bible College and a business degree from Anderson University. Daniel resides in Washington, DC with his two Bengal cats, Dash & Loki.

Phillip Hancock

Phillip began filmmaking in 2008 in Australia. In 2016, he worked on a series titled "Witness Project", which detailed the journey of dissidents who escaped communist regimes across the world. Phillip was an associate producer on "The Plot Against The President". In 2021, Phillip co-produced "Alex’s War", a documentary on the life of prolific radio talk show host, Alex Jones.